We are a mISV (micro independent software vendor), based on Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

We believe that everyone should be able to get benefit from information technology, not only those who are close to high-tech things, or who are knowledgeable enough about information technology. There should be a solution that is simple enough to be used by ordinary people, non high-tech people.

Our products show that very well.

It was 2005, and there’s no simple medical record software in sight, that can save doctors’ time in managing their patients’ medical records. We tried to create one. And now it is used by more than one hundred doctors across Indonesia.

Last year, together with a friend’s team, we developed another medical record software, and this time it is specifically targeted for government operated local health centers (in Indonesian: Puskesmas = Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat). Our main concern is still the same: to develop it simple enough that with a few hours training, any people will be able to use it. Now, by the time this is being written, the software has been used by some health centers.

That’s about the software developing.

In website developing area, starting from the year of 2007, we have been working together with foreign clients. Other than that, we have been doing some local website projects starting from 2004. Our portfolio can be seen here.

Our profile and portfolio also can be seen at View Albert Pratama's profile on LinkedIn

For further information about us and about what we can do for you, just contact us.